Alumni Clubs & Interest Groups

Alumni Clubs & Interest Groups bring together alumni who share a common interest in various industries and activities. Our Club heads and their committees organise events that will contribute to your knowledge and professional development.

If you are interested in creating or establishing a Club or Interest group in Singapore, please contact:

Julie He MBA’13D

We have a number of clubs that provide special learning, networking opportunities & discounts to NAA Members:

INSEAD Directors’ Network (IDN)

The INSEAD Directors’ Network (IDN), is open to all INSEAD Alumni that are board members or interested in Corporate Governance. The network organizes events like IDF forums, dinners, webinars, has its own website with both public and private member resources, closed LinkedIn Group and has an Advocate & Connect Board Search & Mentor Initiative. IDN was originally started by alumni of INSEAD’s International Directors Programme (IDP), and has become an INSEAD Global Alumni Club.

IDN Ambassador
Alexandra de Mello MBA’94D/IDPC’13

INSEAD Energy Club

As one of IAA’s Global Clubs, the mission of the Energy Club is to be a forum of networking for energy and environment related issues for all of the INSEAD community. For more information please contact:

Jean-Christophe Mortreux MBA’18D

INSEAD Entrepreneurship Club – Singapore

The aim of the Club is to act as a binding force for the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Community in Singapore. Every INSEADer (alumni or current student) who is an Entrepreneur or who has interest in Entrepreneurship is welcome to be a part.

Initially we will be pursuing three main activities.

  • Organize periodic INSEAD Entrepreneur Dinner or Cocktails. These will be announced on our events calendar.
  • Build a database of INSEADers involved in entrepreneurial ventures here in Singapore.

We would like to request all INSEAD Entrepreneurs in Singapore to please send us an e-mail with their e-mail address, phone numbers and company’s website URL so that we can reach out to them to get more details about your companies for our database.

  • Act as a conduit for information for entrepreneurial activities/bootcamps organized by INSEAD.

We would love to get more INSEADers involved to organize a range of other activities to support and grow the entrepreneurial spirit in the INSEAD Community in Singapore. Don’t hesitate to contact us:

Balazs Fogoly MBA’06D
Smriti Gupta MBA’11J
Ullrich Silaba MCCC’16J

INSEAD FinTech & Digital Innovation

Our network Future FinTech aims to bring together the knowledge and the people who have the power to make Singapore a smarter Financial Services hub power and to design, build and grow SEA Fintech success stories. For more information click here or contact:

Arvin Singh MBA’14J
Laurent Simon TGM F/S’14Jul
Takeshi Yoshida MBA’02J

INSEAD Healthcare Club – Singapore

Tell us what you think! Please answer the following 10 short questions so we can better serve you in the upcoming months and years: INSEAD Healthcare Club Survey 2019

The INSEAD Healthcare Club team wants to develop a strong INSEAD Healthcare community in Singapore and is planning the upcoming activities and events:

  • Welcome drinks/meet and greet the new comers to Singapore in September
  • Women in HealthCare panel in collaboration with WIB
  • Pink Ribbon Race: October 5 (breast cancer race)
  • Monthly Dinner / Casual networking
  • Career Speed dating
  • Annual regional event

Please stay tuned for future announcements about events and ways to engage with the club. We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the near future and hope that you will get involved with the INSEAD Healthcare Club of Singapore. Contact Maryline, Veronica, Veena, Christophe, Antoine, John or Ben at:

President, Career & Women Lead: Maryline Marquet MBA‘09J
President, Conference Lead: Guillaume Pollet GEMBA’19D

Other members of the INSEAD Healthcare Club Team include:
Vice President & Entrepreneur Lead: Veronica Chew MBA‘09J
Secretary & Communication Lead: Antoine Clavier MBA‘18D
Social Events Lead : Veena Swaminathan MBA‘09J
Consumer Health & Running Lead: John Oshea MBA‘09J
Public Health Lead: Ben Kamarck MBA‘09J


INSEAD Organisation for Social Impact (INDEVOR)

Society is asking that Business take responsibility for its actions and generate net positive impact on its environment when it carries out its affairs. The mission of INDEVOR is to support, promote and advance ways and ideas that generate positive impact in society through business (for and not-for profit alike) among INSEAD alumni and beyond. As a strong hub, both for INSEAD and in South-East Asia generally, Singapore has a particular role to play in leading and unifying impact-driven initiatives across the region. Maintaining an active & inclusive network of interested parties; providing impact-related career opportunities; and distributing relevant content on the topic are INDEVOR’s main action streams.

President Global Club
Gregoire Amigues MBA’95D

INSEAD Private Equity Club (IPEC)

INSEAD Private Equity Club (IPEC) – is INSEAD’s largest club providing a global forum for students and alumni alike, the organization has both an Alumni and a Student Club each working cohesively together, collaborating on events, such as conferences, and treks globally. With over 3,000 INSEAD alumni working in the private equity industry worldwide, IPEC’s goal is to support INSEAD’s thought leadership, participation, and recognition in the field. For more info contact us here.

INSEAD Real Estate Alumni Club – Singapore (IREACS)

IREACS is looking for a new Club Lead. Interested? Please contact Julie He MBA’13D

Founded in 2011, the INSEAD Real Estate Alumni Club of Singapore (IREACS) brings together INSEAD alumni who either are active in any and all facets of the real estate industry or simply have an interest in the sector. The club organizes:

  • Case study presentations
  • Panels of key-speakers
  • Site visits
  • Networking drinks


  • Provide a forum for alumni interested in real estate to exchange ideas, share experiences, and promote venture initiation
  • Encourage openness towards the multidisciplinary aspect of real estate
  • Provide opportunities for alumni to interact with current students and faculty in a spirit of camaraderie

INSEAD Retail, Consumer and Luxury Goods Club

Our mission is to bring together professionals working in or interested in the retail, luxury and consumer goods sectors in Asia
We want to provide a platform where alumni or current students can exchange ideas on trends and challenges facing the business today and network with industry professionals. RCLG is open to and interested in collaborating with other like-minded INSEAD clubs to run joint events that will benefit a bigger cross-section of INSEADers. For more information please contact:

Aymeric Lacroix GEMBA’17D
Michelle Sohn MBA’07J

INSEAD Global TMT Network

The global INSEAD Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Network’s mission is to “Bring together Alumni and members of the INSEAD community that are interested in how convergence in TMT is changing the way we think, learn, work, live, and play”.

The objectives are to:

  • Facilitate global networking, cross-pollination and new opportunities for alumni
  • Collaborate with NAAs to create traction for local events, network, share ideas, etc.
  • Promote the exchange of knowledge and spread ideas across the INSEAD community
  • Provide a global “sharing platform” with the participation of alumni, faculty and students.

Want to stay informed? Join our global network on LinkedIn.

Our top priority is creating the local network and getting engagement with the local INSEAD TMT communities and like-minded people through quality events, word-of-mouth and collaborative communication, and professional networking.

Want to help out? Let us know if you want to contribute as part of the global core team or drive the local country TMT Network.

Some of the ways you could help us locally in the countries are the following:

  • Help setting up the local network by supporting the organization of events, leveraging your network for locations, speakers, etc.
  • Share and promote interesting articles, key events, trivia, job postings, et al, on our global LinkedIn platform

Do email us directly on or contact:

Tapas Kuila MBA’12D
 Vikas Pandurkar AMP’12Aug

INSEAD United Runners Club – Singapore

The INSEAD United Runners Club is open to all INSEAD alumni, faculty and students with a passion to run.

The club’s primary purpose and vision is to unite INSEAD Singapore runners of all endurance levels, paces and distances to enjoy running together in a non-competitive atmosphere, while at the same time, enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Singapore has to offer.

We encourage runners to join with an open mind and fun spirit.

Just remember, every morning when you wake up, how fortunate you are, to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love, and of course to run! For more information please contact:

John O’Shea MBA’09J
  Waki Yoneoka MBA’11D

INSEAD Wine Club – Singapore

Mission of the club:

  • To bring INSEAD alumni together to share a common passion
  • To network in a relaxed environment enjoying fine wines
  • To learn about wine, its ecosystem and related businesses

Type of events

  • Wine and spirits education
  • Wine and spirits appreciation and tasting
  • Industry overview and understanding
    • Wine ecosystem
    • Wine investment
    • Wine and spirits related business set up
  • Access to wine, spirits and accessories sales / discount through presenters and partners

For more information or if interested in helping organise an event, please contact:

Mimi Giraud GEMBA’18A (WSET Level 2)

Other members of the Committee include:

Alexia Adda GEMBA’18A (WSET Level 2)
Alexis Lhoyer MBA’13D (WSET Level 3)
Danny Soh TIEMBA’17 (WSET Level 3)
Hannes Hentze GEMBA’19A
Jon Chee GEMBA’19A (CMS)
Keane Nguyen MBA19J (ex VINSEAD President)

Join the INS-AL Wine Club(s) Telegram group for updates on INSEAD Wine Club events.

INSEAD Women in Business

The Club’s goal is to create a sustainable structure that supports continued global advancement of women through individual development, community creation, and cultural change in local Singapore landscape.

INSEAD has now a mentorship programme for women where alumni can become mentors. We can raise awareness about it in the events and see how it fits with the overall structure of our approach. The NAA runs Women’s events from time to time. Find out more here or contact:

Ami Iwakami MBA’16J
Gaya Ananda MAP’18Jul
Katarina Uherova Hasbani EMBA’14Dec

INSEAD Golfers Wanted!

If you are an avid golf player and keen to play with INSEADers, please contact Rani Francois-Marie Saad AMP’15D