ECOSOFTT – 2019 ‘Business as a Force for Good’ Winner

Congratulations to ECOSOFTT for winning the ‘Business as a Force for Good Award Singapore 2019 Edition’. Sam Al-Schamma (TIEMBA ‘13 ), a board member and investor in ECOSOFFT, accepted the award on behalf of Marcus Lim (TIEMBA’13) and Stanley Samuel (TIEMBA’13). ECOSOFTT is a social enterprise aimed at addressing the global challenge of water shortage, scarcity and quality.

ECOSOFTT was founded by two graduates of the INSEAD TIEMBA programme, Stanley Samuel and Marcus Lim, both TIEMBA’13J. Their work has helped numerous communities become self-reliant, water secure and sustainable. It has also transformed the lives of thousands of women and girls who have returned to school or learnt economically-useful skills, since they no longer need to spend hours each day collecting water.

ECOSOFTT’s vision is by 2050 to treat over one-trillion litres of water per day; enable 10,000 communities to become water smart; and protect, clean and restore a thousand water bodies.

It is wonderful to see so many INSEAD alumni enabling ‘Business as a Force for Good’. We look forward to recognising other initiatives like this again next year!