IWD 2021 – #choosetochallenge interview with Cintia Tavella

In support of International Women’s Day, our outgoing INSEAD Alumni Association Singapore President, Cintia Tavella MBA’07D IDP-C’20Jun, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Expedia Partner Solutions, recorded her thoughts.

“As an INSEAD Alum, I choose to challenge,” Cintia said as she sat down with Li Lian Liew EMBA’13Dec, President of the INSEAD Alumni Club Women in Business, for a chat on her perspectives as a leader.

Li Lian: When you see this year’s IWD theme, what comes to mind? How does it make you think about gender diversity and inclusion matters?
Cintia: I think women can and should choose to challenge in all areas that matter to us – whether it is at work, for climate change, or more. I was a synchronised swimmer, and I believe that women can come together in that kind of synergistic teamwork to make a real difference in the world.

Li Lian: Can you give us some background on what experiences has created the Cintia of “now” who sees the world this way?
Cintia: I was born in Argentina to a modest family. Going to INSEAD changed my life. Despite my humble beginnings, winning access to a good education was key to what I have achieved.

Li Lian: Given the world that we are in right now, what would you choose to challenge and why would you choose it/them? How would you turn this into tangible changes?
Cintia: I would choose to challenge men and women (and myself) to make small incremental changes every day. Every little thing can add up to a great impact over time – we cannot aim to make huge leaps all the time, but we can influence the things around us.

Li Lian: Are there collaborators and/or resources that you foresee would help you achieve this/these change(s)? How could we make this happen?
Cintia: We are each other’s best resources. We also need to come together to challenge each other to be better. As long as men and women work together to keep challenging the status quo on the things that matter to us, we can come out better.

Li Lian: Cintia will be relocating to USA soon to take on more and bigger challenges – we wish her the very best! Stay safe