SDTR Marine Pte Ltd Named Corporate Winner in 2023 BAFG Awards

We are honoured to announce that SDTR Marine Pte Ltd
has been named Corporate winner in the IAA Singapore 2023 Business as a Force for Good Awards! These awards honour Singapore-based companies who have:

  • Demonstrated thought-leadership with respect to “Business as a Force for Good (BAFG)”
  • Created a vision, mission statement and strategy clearly demonstrating their BAFG commitment
  • Developed corporate social responsibility best practices
  • Achieved remarkable economical results and meaningful societal impact to the BAFG initiatives including but not limited to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Sustainability.

SDTR has a clear strategy to doing Good. The Company name SDTR is from the Chinese character (善待他人) which translates into being good to others. The company has strong influence on its identified societal challenges. The initiatives are bold and could drive meaningful impact to its industry. Looking forward to SDTR achieving stronger business performance through these CSR initiatives. The idea around innovative source of energy is interesting and could be impactful.

SDTR interest in addressing the SDG’s goals shows commitment to improving their impact as a business.

About SDTR Marine Pte Ltd

SDTR is recognized to be a leading company in the dry-bulk marine industry. Besides providing excellence services, SDTR strives to continuously upgrade and innovate its fleet to improve energy usage efficiency and using sustainable energy.

SDTR, with her partners, co-developed the world first methanol dual fuel bulker design, which is a significant milestone towards a zero-emission fleet; promoted and created the first carbon neutral shipping party in Singapore, using carbon credits from Indonesia’s Peatland restoration and conservation and improving more than 23,000 community members well-being in that region; and supported SCB’s first Asian sustainability financial fund for SDG projects.