Events / “The Biden challenge”, webinar with Pablo Pardo

“The Biden challenge”, webinar with Pablo Pardo

enero 26, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Next Tuesday, January 26th, we will have the privilege to have Pablo Pardo, PhD, U.S. Bureau Chief and Columnist of El Mundo, join us to hold a virtual meeting on “The Biden challenge” .

Given the most recent changes in governance and after the worrying events that took place during the invasion of the Capitol, we will review the new perspectives and expectations that are conditioning the Democratic Presidency of the United States starting November 20th.

What are the main challenges? What obstacles can hinder the Government’s plans? What elements stand out on Joe Biden’s government agenda? Who are they and what characterizes the management team created to pursue these objectives?

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– Non-members and Ryder: € 22

Limited places of entry (100). The money raised will be used to promote social aid actions in the face of situations caused by the pandemic.

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Ignacio Moreno Zapatero
Vice President and Treasurer AAA INSEAD Spain