Comida CEOs Madrid y Barcelona


During past September 24th and 25th of September, the Spanish NAA hosted Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation Peter Zemsky on a series of events both in Madrid and Barcelona


Firstly we organized a series of Innovation leaders lunches, hosted by our long time partner BCG (special thanks for INSEAD Alum (ISA CAN YOU INCLUDE HERE RAMON MAB CLASS)  and BCG Partner Ramon Baeza) in their Madrid and Barcelona offices. In total more than 50 innovation leaders (CEOs, CIOs, Innovation Managers and several leading entrepreneurs from both INSEAD and BCG community) in both cities engaged and discuss with Peter the latest trends on Digital Transformation and its effects in corporations.


Also as part of the visit, we had the opportunity to celebrate the Digital Transformation forum that counted with more than 60 participants and was hosted by Accenture on their new Auditorium and their Digital Hub. Peter Zemsky addressed on a master class how business strategy and management education need to change its approach to strategy for an age of digital disruption and transformation. The master class was followed by a panel discussion with 3 industry leaders


Both events were an amazing opportunity to showcase the engagement of the school on the Innovation area and also the deep roots of the Spanish NAA on the country management class and part of the ongoing effort to raise the awareness of the INSEAD brand on the Spanish largest corporations and society at last