Value Beyond the Deal

The transformation of companies is at an all time high, with intense acquisition activity going on in the market. Buyers need to find those extra value creation levers to gain a competitive edge – more detailed focus on strategic repositioning, revenue growth opportunities, changes to the business model and operating model, for example, or putting tax, the balance sheet and working capital under the microscope. This could prove the difference between a mediocre deal and a transformative one.

INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden arranged a webinar on the very current topic of “Value Beyond the Deal” in late May 2021.

During the webinar we explored the approaches companies take on how to plan for and ensure the value creation when the deal is concluded. We listened to the experienced leaders Mikael Ahlström, Founder Procuritas and Sofia Nordenskjöld, Partner PwC M&A Integration and Carve-out.

Introductions were made by Andrew Kristensen, President at INSEAD Sweden Alumni Association and the webinar was moderated by Liselotte Engstam, Board Member at INSEAD Sweden Alumni Association and INSEAD Directors Network.

The presenter’s bios and a link to the recording can be found below.

Andrew Kristensen introduced the webinar with some facts regarding INSEAD;

followed by why M&A and Value Beyond the Deal is a relevant topic to INSEAD Alumni in Sweden

Liselotte Engstam introduced some facts that highlighted why the topic is so current

The first Presenter Sofia Nordenskjöld, Partner PwC M&A Integration and Carve-out shared many insights under the framework of a research done by PwC with key findings under three headlines:

Following that the Second Presenter Mikael Ahlström shared insights on the development of the PE industry and some insightful examples on key items he ensures in order to secure and grow the value of the deal.

Andrew concluded by thanking the presenters and highlighting some upcoming events;

The recording to the webinar can be found here

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Presenter bios can be found below

Mikael Ahlström, Founder Procuritas

Mikael has 30 years of Private Equity and industry experience, and is the Founding Partner of the first Nordic private equity firm Procuritas.Mikael is the Founder of the investment company Byggmästare Anders J Ahlström Holding, listed on Nasdaq First North. He is additionally the Founder of the non profit organizations Charity Rating, Givarguiden and the CHELHA Foundation.Mikael’s board assignments include Byggmästare Anders J Ahlström Holding AB, CHELHA Foundation and Charity Rating.His previous board assignments include Swedish Match, Gunnebo, Bravida and Lekolar.Upon INSEADs 50th Year anniversary Mikael was named by INSEAD as one of 50 Alumni who have changed the world. Mikael has also been inducted to The Swedish Private Equity Hall of Fame.Michael has an MBA from INSEAD and equivalent of a B.Sc. in Economics from Lund University.

Sofia Nordenskjöld, Partner PwC M&A Integration and Carve-out

Sofia is a Partner at PwC and she is heading the Swedish M&A Integration and Carve-out practice. She has extensive experience from working with carve out and integrations, from due diligence to execution. In addition, she has experience from Commercial, Operational and Financial Due Diligence as well as Strategy and Process improvement.Sofia is a certified project manager, she is used to lead large projects in a multinational setting. Sofia has worked with clients in various industries including, Energy, Industrial Products, Financial Services, Healthcare and Consumer Retail. Before joining PwC, Sofia worked for the A.P MøllerMaersk Group. Sofia has also worked for PwC in Norway, predominantly working with Energy companies.Sofia holds a MSc in Economics, majoring in Macro Economics from Lund University and where she did her exchange studies at Haute École de commerce in Lausanne, Switzerland.



Liselotte Engstam, Board Member INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden and INSEAD International Directors Network

Liselotte Engstam has a background from leading international positions in the IT and technology industry. She is a chair and board member at three listed and two private companies. She is a Chair at Board Impact Forum, the Nordic Chapter of World Economic Forums Climate Governance Initiative, a board member at the academic foundation IMIT and advisor to the EU Commission on Digitization and Corporate Governance.She is the founder of Digoshen, a think tank and host of international board networks, education programs and the podcast “Exploring Leaders”. She trains chairs’ and board members, including in Swedish academy of Board Directors Chairman Program and runs their Chairman’s Network.She is engaged in academic research, and together with INSEAD she researched modern chairmanship and co-authored the book “Leading a Board, Chairs’ Practices Across Europe” coming in June. She researched and co-authored “AI Leadership for Boards”. Research on “Boards’ leadership of corporate renewal and innovation” is to be shared in a forthcoming book.She is a Fellow at the Institute of Coaching, Harvard Medical School, has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Sustainability, and is board-certified IDP-C from INSEAD. She is trained as a climate change leader by Al Gore and certified by CDSB to manage climate-related risks and opportunities.


Andrew Kristensen, President INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden

Andrew is the Managing Director of Weber Saint-Gobain Sweden AB and Board Member at Industriarbetsgivarna BÄF, Byggmaterialindustrierna, Svensk Byggtjänst and President of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden.
Andrew is an experienced executive with a track record of leading companies through business transformation, turnaround, and international expansion, having led organizations in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, UK, USA and Malaysia.

Andrew is a firm believer in the power of diversity, and importance of digitalization and sustainable development, and has an Executive MBA from INSEAD and M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and Product Development from Technical University of Denmark.