Nils Bohlin Story

Get to know Nils Bohlin, one of our INSEAD Sweden Alumni members

Nils is an experienced international management consultant working as an executive coach and passionate about good listening and outdoor adventures.


* What has taken you to your current position? Any defining moments? 

Following a 40 year career in the Global Management Consulting Industry I am now engaged in professional coaching working with leaders of entrepreneurial companies supporting them through the never ending challenges of growing a small high potential company into a global force. What I learnt about the power of shared vision, team learning, dialogue, personal mastery and systems thinking during the 1990s when I worked with co-workers of Peter Senge has had a defining and propelling impact for me.

* What do you do in your professional life? 

Today I work through my own company; Venac AB (Venture Accelerator). I engage with leaders to support their efforts in building successful entrepreneurial companies.

* What do you think we need to develop for the future of work and in our leadership? 

The human capacity for compassion, collaboration, co-creation and team work will remain key. Courage, vision and the focus on execution is essential.

* Any particular pointers for books, podcasts or articles you think would be valuable for others to explore?

Most recently I have enjoyed reading the perspective creating book of Bill Gates; “How to avoid a climate disaster” and the reflective book of Jan Carlzon “Se Människan!”.

* When you get some spare time, what do you like to do? 

The outdoors; walking, hiking, cycling, skiing and spending time with my family and friends.

* What are you particularly good at, that others in the network can contact you about? 

I believe that a well-structured problem is half the solution. I am good at listening, organizing the mind and finding a way to frame complex problems; making them actionable in a flexible and pragmatic manner.

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