Leadership in the future of work – share your story

Leadership in the future of work – share your story!

We are increasingly challenged to find ways to adapt our leadership in the new fast past technology driven era we are finding ourselves in, be it as leaders, boards, co-workers or individual consultants. To collaborate with and draw on our network is an important part of all INSEADers progress. For inspiration you can read about How leaders develop and use their network

We are delighted to introduce a new initative here at INSEAD Sweden Alumni Association,  where we will increase the visibility and introduce members of our network to each other. You will soon see same introductions and we encourage you to connect with each other and we hope that you will also be eager to join our initiative and introduce yourself.

We like for all of you to answer the following questions and mail your response to alumni (.) sweden (at) insead (.) edu , together with a photo of yourself.

* What has taken you to your current position? Any defining moments?

* What do you do in your professional life?

* What do you think we need to develop for the future of work and in our leadership?

* Any particular pointers for books, podcasts or articles you think would be valuable for others to explore?

* When you get som spare time, what do you like to do?

* What are you particularily good at, that others in the network can contact you about?

We will revert and potentially ask some clarifying questions or share some guidance.  And then we will ensure we introduce you at the website and on social media. We are particularly interested in listen to your international experience and your perspectives on diversity and sustainability.

Welcome to read our first member introduction : Get to know Alfonso Paradinas

And welcome to share your story!