How to become a member

Membership of INSEAD Alumni Association  is open to all INSEAD Alumni.
INSEAD Alumni is a global network of more than 58 000 Alumns in 49 country chapters, where INSEAD Alumnis Association Sweden is one of them. INSEAD Alumnis are graduates from the following certification programs. 


As a paying Member at INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden,  you will benefit from both the General INSEAD Alumni services and activities, as well as the local Swedish services and activities.

General Services & Activities INSEAD Alumni Association

General INSEAD Alumni services and activities you are entitled to include Career Development and Lifelong Learning Resources, and you can join the yearly international INSEAD Alumni Events.

You can also become member of several of the Global Clubs  and visit other Nordic Clubs 

Services & Activities by NAA Sweden

  • Maintain an active alumni network in Sweden through business and social events
  • Act as a communication channel between INSEAD, the alumni and the Swedish business community
  • Raise awareness of INSEAD in Sweden

The Swedish INSEAD alumni organisation is also cooperating with other business school alumni organisations through SIBSAN (Swedish International Business School Alumni Network).

Membership Fees

  • Membership period: January 1st to December 31st
  • Annual membership fee: 550 SEK
  • INSEAD Alumni Membership
  • Bank Transfer: 6921 – 423 735 381
  • Bankgiro/Autogiro: 5142 – 9926
  • Swish number: 1235266861
  • HANDSESS / SE84 6000 0000 0004 2373 5381

Please note that ALL communication from the Swedish Alumni Organization is done by e-mail. To update your e-mail address, please update your contact details on