Executive Administrative Assistant vacancy (2022-02-18)

The board of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden is looking for a part-time Executive Administrative Assistant to help improve the quality of our work.

The ideal candidate could be a student interested in a flexible part-time job — for instance, an individual who still has a few years left of their studies, so that they can hold this position for a couple of years (or more).

Besides this being a job that can be performed from almost any location in Sweden, with exceptionally flexible hours, it offers exposure to an exclusive network of business executives and talents who could become a valuable asset concerning future career development and mentoring opportunities.

The Executive Administrative Assistant will be responsible for different tasks related to the operations of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden and will be working as a freelance consultant, 9-10 months of the year and, on average, approximately 8 hours per week, some weeks more, some weeks less. 


  • Administrative support to the board of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden, keeping relevant documents and document folders updated, joining board meetings and communicating between board and other volunteers
  • Supporting with event management / communication / marketing, being host during events, e.g. distributing badges, coordinating speakers and presentations; booking of food and other event practicalities.
  • Indirectly helping to increase the number and quality of events.
  • Responsible for membership management and membership fee communication (welcoming new members, answering emails from members, updating the membership database, reminding members to pay their membership fee, winning back past members, and in the end, calling people).
  • Indirectly helping to increase membership penetration.

Skills / Qualifications

  • Being meticulous organised and maintaining a high level of quality of work, while being fast and efficient and having the ability to multi-task and stay one step ahead.
  • A resourceful person who is adaptable, can think quick on their feet, and come up with solutions on the fly.
  • A person with high emotional intelligence and a “servant’s heart” who can interact proficiently with the members of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in Swedish and English is required.
  • Experience using tools like Eventbrite and MailChimp is a benefit.


Apply for this unique opportunity
by sending your CV and motivation, to
[email protected]


For more information please contact: Andrew Kristensen, President of INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden, [email protected]


INSEAD Alumni Association Sweden is a non-profit organisation serving more than 550 INSEAD alumni in Sweden. The organisation’s mission is to maintain an active network of INSEAD alumni in Sweden and promote lifelong learning and business as a force for good.

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