Sami & Sally: the Salamander Challenge Ambassadors

Salamander selfie!! #LennyTheBro taking in the beautiful landscapes of Lebanon

On 15 January 2017, Sami and Sally, our INSEAD mascots, were launched simultaneously from the Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses to promote the Salamander Challenge (the Salamander Challenge homepage) and INSEAD Giving Day.

These initiatives are globally driven by alumni, and in particular by fundraising volunteers.

Since the launch, Sami and Sally have been bringing the alumni community closer together through their adventures (you’ve seen some of these on our social media channels), as well as raising awareness about giving back to the school. The Salamander family has also grown to meet the demands of our global community.  They now include Sadie who was cloned in the Biotech hub of San Francisco by our innovative alumni who were super eager to get involved in the Americas as well as Lenny, Sami’s little brother, Lenny (pictured here) covering the Middle East. 

The Salamander Challenge 2017

The Salamander Challenge

The idea for The Salamander Challenge was born out of a conversation between two INSEAD alumni volunteers over dinner and drinks. Sami and Sally our global ambassadors, will travel around the world advocating our shared belief in diversity, tolerance and understanding.
Accompanied as they travel the globe with alumni, students, faculty and staff, these Salamander mascots will have their adventures documented on social media (#SamiandSally) with the most creative pictures possible.

The Salamander Challenge also reinforces the importance of investing in our school as we promote business as a force for good and culminates in the INSEAD Giving Day (#INSEADGivingDay) on 21 February 2017. Alumni would be able to make gifts of any amount during this day in support of INSEAD. After all a donation to the school is an investment not only in the school, but in the alumni, present and future!

Join this global alumni-driven initiative as our mascots Sami and Sally take the world by storm! Make a gift of any amount to INSEAD on INSEAD Giving Day (21 February)