Launch & Registration for IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program 2017/18

The IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program launches in September 2017. Mark your calendars now for “Mentoring Explorer” events in Zurich (September 14 lunch) and Geneva (September 20 evening).  The mentoring program was created to support alumni at all stages of their career to move towards closing the gender gap, and is therefore open to all genders. When pairing mentors and mentees, maximizing the potential to close the gender gap is a key selection factor.

Launch & Registration for IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program 2017/18

Thank you to all of you who sent back your candid and encouraging opinion about our INSEAD Women in Business (IWIB) Swiss Mentoring Program proposal. This survey had the highest engagement level we have seen in our recent history.
* Women and men were interested in participating both as mentees and mentors in the program.
* 97% of respondents (n=69) were highly interested in joining the program as described, either as mentor or mentees.
* Two features were highlighted as the most attractive overall. First, the proposed “by alumni for alumni” nature, though two thirds did express the willingness to collaborate with other institutions if not enough participants were interested to join a stand-alone program. Second, the inclusive nature of the program, aiming to support alumni through different stages of their career development, from newly graduates to later career transitions.
* The majority expressed the desire to establish a mentoring relationship “closer to home”, matching mentors and mentees in the region of residence, whenever possible.
* 97% of all respondents took the time to think through what they would like to achieve with such a program. The potential goals were as diverse as our alumni generations, reflecting a strong pool of young talent and senior leaders: first time entrepreneurs, functional or industry changers in corporate, non-executive director transitions.
* For almost every mentee goal, there was one mentor expressing interest in sharing one or two broadly matching skills.



What is the IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program?

The IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program is a pilot program from September 2017 to June 2018 with a mid-term assessment by the end of Q1 2018.

The IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program is free of charge for INSEAD Alumni association members.

The program is complementary to the IWIB Mentoring Program offered on campus, which aims to support new graduates only by matching them early in their career with INSEAD alumni mentors. If you are interested in mentoring new graduates regardless of geography, you might want to get in contact with [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) .


Who can participate to the IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program?

You can register to join the IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program even if you did not complete the original survey. If you already answered the survey, registering will be faster as you have already started working on your goals.

The program is open to all genders across and all generations. Mentees are not restricted to new graduates only, they could equally be alumni going through a significant career transition. We strongly encourage INSEAD women graduates to become mentees and mentors in the program.


How to register to the IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program?

1. To register as a mentor or mentee or both complete the Mentoring Explorer Form (doc) ( .Download and open the form.

Replace the example text in blue font with your info; save and send it to [email protected] by September 1, 2017.

The Mentoring Explorer Form is essential. It will help us suggest to the participants potentially matching mentors and mentees before the Mentoring Explorer Event.

Please take this into consideration that we are a volunteer organization and appreciate your understanding that we do not have the resources to chase you for missing information or late submissions.

2. After registering, you will receive the invitation to sign up on Xing Events to participate in the Mentoring Explorer event of your preferred location to learn more about the IWIB Swiss Mentoring Program and to meet your potential mentee/mentor.

Key Facts

When: September 14 in Zurich (lunchtime) and September 20 in Geneva (evening)
Where: tba
Registration: by email to [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) Please include your completed registration form (doc) ( by September 1, 2017.

Prepare to become part of the pioneer group, and make your impact in advancing further the gender parity cause locally!

We look forward to welcoming you at the “Mentoring Explorer” events in September, or another INSEAD alumni event soon.


Upcoming Events

Sept 14 “Mentoring Explorer” Lunch Note: The IWIB “Mentoring Explorer” lunch event in Zurich replaces the September INVIGORATE IWIB Networking Lunch slot in Zurich. There will be no additional networking lunch in September
Nov 9 “Breakfast Fireside Chat” with Simona Scarpaleggia, CEO IKEA Switzerland
Dec 7 INVIGORATE Networking Lunch@Hiltl Haus, Zurich // IWIB

Sept 20 “Mentoring Explorer” evening event
Oct 4 INVIGORATE IWIB Dinner Geneva

The Future of Energy is Distributed, De-carbonized, Data-rich

The keynote speaker at our alumni event in May 2017, Energy Transition: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be in Zurich, was Gianni Operto, the President of the Swiss Alternative Energy Association (AEE Suisse), a board member of several cleantech startups, with an energy career trajectory that highly qualifies him to challenge assumptions.

His experiences gives him insights into the whole energy ecosystem, enabling him to describe the challenges, trends, opportunities, the latest technologies and business models, putting it all neatly into the context of the past, present and future of energy generation and supply.

Read the live event report to find out more (pdf)