Event Report: Value-Based Healthcare : fad or cure for systems globally?

INSEAD alumni and guests gathered in Lausanne to discuss the progress towards value-based healthcare systems. More than a decade ago Professor Michael E. Porter and Professor Elizabeth Teisberg introduced the idea of Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) in their book Redefining Healthcare.

In the meantime, many healthcare providers, insurers, pharmaceutical and medtech companies, have taken steps on the journey towards VBHC with varying degrees of urgency and priority. The panel members shared their observations and experience in taking these steps. They brought their experience across many sectors, including healthcare providers, pharma and medtech. Their perspectives as entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders and consultants on medicine, healthcare systems and life sciences innovation, enabled a lively discussion about where we are at ten years down the road to VBHC, along with some thoughtful commentary about how the journey will unfold in the future.

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Value-based Healthcare Event Report (pdf)