Amazon, Microsoft, Google: Biggest Recruiters of INSEAD MBAs After Consulting Firms

Who recruited the Class of 2014 ? The answers are in the latest employment statistics report from INSEAD.

The majority went to McKinsey, Bain and BCG.  More than one in four of the entire INSEAD class was recruited by the three top consulting firms, points out Poets and Quants. That is nothing really new for INSEADers, but what is new is that finance is losing ground to TMT (technology, media, telecoms). The report shows that information technology, Internet & media sectors combined attracted 19% of INSEAD graduates, while finance attracted 17%.  Consulting as a whole attracted 41% of the class.

Top corporate recruiters

Citing the report, Poets and Quants said that Amazon hired 39, the largest recruiter after the consulting firms, while Microsoft engaged 16 INSEAD MBAs. Google hired 13. Uber (11), Apttus (11), Samsung (8), and Apple (7) were also among the major employers of INSEAD grads last year. The highest paid 2014 MBA out of INSEAD landed a private equity position with a firm based in Western Europe.