Announcing the Salamander Road Challenge 2014

The Dutch INSEAD Alumni Association announced this week that registration open for its third foray into Salamander Road Challenge rally. It is a social event for INSEAD alumni, and their co-drivers with lots of beautiful routes to cover and picturesque villages to enjoy enroute to Fontainebleau.

Start: Friday June 20 2014 10:00 Tilburg area the Netherlands
Finish: Saturday June 21 2014 18:00 Insead Campus Fontainebleau France

All cars are allowed, bring your favourite junker, klunker, cabriolet, classic, sports car or lease car. This is not about speed, it’s all about your navigation skills and your ability to enjoy the scenery and the informal contacts with your fellow alumni during the breaks.

Fee: 600 euro a car (2p) including 2 lunches for two, 2 dinners for two and 1 night hotel room for two

[important]Open for all INSEAD Alumni associations, if there are more than 15 cars joining by the 1st of May, the event will take place, if there are not, new try in 2015![/important]

Interested? Mail to inseadalumni (at)

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