Go Beyond the Crowdsourcing Headlines

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Learn more about crowd platforms from veteran Simon Schneider, CEO of zyncd, at Geneva Chapter’s first luncheon conference of the year. [/pullquote]Accenture just published a new report identifying the six most disruptive enterprise trends (see Accenture Technology Vision 2014) and crowdsourcing figures prominently in its discussion of the (r)evolution from workforce to crowdsource and how it creates a borderless enterprise. It is hard not to miss the buzzwords crowdsourcing and crowdfunding when reading the news these days.

Here’s a quick list of some headlines in the past week from a range of scientific and mass media publication.

Sharing the wealth: is crowdsourcing about charity or getting things …[The Courier.UK]
Crowdsourcing gains traction as a resource in legal practice [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
Kickstarter And Crowdsourcing Are Rapidly Coming Of Age [INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY]

The use of crowd platforms is an emerging trend with potential to make an impact on inducrowdblog1stries, service organizations, including NGOs, and diverse socio-economic groups around the world. Learn more about the trend and how it can affect your business at the upcoming INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland’s Luncheon Conference (click to register) on February 13 in Geneva, featuring crowd platforms veteran Simon Schneider, CEO of zyncd (formerly an executive with InnoCentive and board member of Crowdhut).

Simon will describe how it started with crowdsourcing (ask the crowds for their ideas), then crowdfunding (ask the crowd for their money). And he will answer the question: with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding gaining momentum globally, what’s next?

[notice]Please register & purchase tickets online before February 11th[/notice]

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