INSEAD Team Wins Dragon Boat Trophy, Again!

INSEAD won the 10th Dragon Boat Trophy on the lake of Zürich this weekend for the third time in five years. Scorching sun and high temperatures did not deter INSEAD alumni from defending the trophy. Teams from MBA-HSG and Stanford alumni clubs finished second and third.

The annual race is a fun competition amongst top business school alumni and is organized by SAMBAplus. INSEAD alums have been participating in the race since 2011. INSEAD was also the winner in 2012. The INSEAD team was recruited and organized by Swiss NAA volunteer Rajiv Shetty, MBA 06D.

Save the Date: August 28, 2016 for the next edition of the Dragon Boat Trophy!

11942339_551287765025385_7744425905587688219_o2015 Dragon Boat Crew

  • Christine Keller Peduzzi CCC10 (drummer)
  • Suzanne Rapetti-Hunsicker TIEMBA10J
  • Margherita Fontana EMBA09D
  • Stefan Pinggera MBA12J
  • Stefan Keller MBA08J
  • Marcel Sheurer MBA13D
  • Emanuel Salmona MBA11D
  • Alexander Brochier CCC
  • Mourad Aboubakr
  • Mauricio Tejeda MBA11D
  • Urs Lampe MB97D
  • Laurent Tchang MBA14D
  • Olivier De Ruelle MBA13D