New INSEAD Webinars with Top Profs

INSEAD announced the launch of a new webinars’ season, organized in collaboration with Sensible Media and Neil Courtis, MBA’07. It follows on the success of the Spring webinars series. The webinars are ready for registration. See topics and links below. All attendees at each webinar will receive the meeting slides, a recording, podcast and a resource pack.


Michael Watkins on the First 90 Days18.30 to 19.45 London time, 11 Nov 2015Starting a new job, whether with your existing employer or a new one, is a challenge. This webinar led by Dr Michael Watkins examines the strategies that help individuals (and their teams and organisations) make successful transitions. This webinar draws on Michael Watkins’ bestselling book The First 90 Days described by The Economist as “the onboarding bible”.  (Member Alumni)



Jeffrey Pfeffer on Office Politics and Leadership BS18.30 to 19.45 London time, 3 December 2015An ability to navigate workplace politics is a critical career skill. Unfortunately much advice and research into how leaders behave is based on myths and wishful thinking. In this webinar Professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, (whose new book Leadership BS has been longlisted for the FT/Mckinsey Business Book of the Year Award) explores the reality of leadership and offers practical suggestions for dealing with office politics.  (Member Alumni)



 gc Giuseppe Conti on Overcoming Gender Biases in Salary Negotiation
12.30 to 13.45 London time, 4 February 2016According to negotiation research, women perform as well or better than men in commercial negotiations.  However, when negotiating on their own behalf – for higher salaries for instance – women seem to do worse.  This session, led by Giuseppe Conti, looks at some of the reasons for this gap and examines the most effective strategies for closing it.  (Member Alumni)