New Panelists Confirmed for “Build, Borrow, Buy”: CEOs, Top-Tier VC, and M&A Leaders

Six panelists are now confirmed to share their experience and discuss how companies can select and balance different modes of growth: organic growth (build), licensing and alliances (borrow) and M&A (buy) to outperform, with moderation by INSEAD Prof. Laurence Capron.

The panel will focus on healthcare companies. Laurence Capron’s research suggests that the pharmaceutical industry is pretty well-balanced in terms of its ability to mix and match different modes of growth, and this bodes well for its future. Companies that can mix the modes of growth, combining internal development, innovation acquisitions, alliance-building, and licensing have a significantly greater five-year survival rate than those that use only one of these approaches.

Following the presentation of her research, Professor Capron will moderate a high level panel discussion, welcoming professionals from Life Sciences, Finance and VC who will share real life lessons learned in executing these different modes of growth. Tickets available on