European Business Schools Gear Up Fundraising Ops

As European schools gear up to compete with elite institutions overseas, they are expanding alumni-relations offices to forge stronger ties to graduates and build fundraising operations that the schools hope eventually will bring in steady, significant gifts, reports the Wall Street Journal.

In earlier times Europe’s subsidized schools had little incentive to build endowments, says the report, but austerity measures across the continent, growing financial-aid needs among students and greater institutional aspirations are the drivers of fundraising appeals.

Each of the leading business schools in Europe face challenges. At INSEAD no single nationality contributes more than 12 percent of the class, so Joanne Shoveller, associate dean of advancement and alumni relations, customizes fundraising appeals accordingly. She said that INSEAD’s US graduates are at ease with support that improves a school’s reputation and quality, while graduates in much of the rest of the world prefer to fund specific scholarships or buildings. For example, alumni based in Asia are particularly keen on donating to INSEAD’s Singapore campus. (Image source: INSEAD Communications)