The Top 100 Global Millionaire-producing Universities; INSEAD is Number 15

digitalAccording to a ranking undertaken by Spear’s magazine and WealthInsight, a specialized data provider,. INSEAD is one of the top 15 schools globally for producing and educating millionaires. As for which subjects produced the most millionaires, engineering came first, followed by an MBA, economics and law.  Read more..

The top 100 global universities for producing millionaires:

1 Harvard University (USA)

2 Harvard Business School (USA)

3 Stanford University (USA)

4 University of California (USA)

5 Columbia University (USA)

6 University of Oxford (UK)

7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

8 New York University (USA)

9 University of Cambridge (UK)

10 University of Pennsylvania (USA)

11 Cornell University (USA)

12 University of Michigan (USA)

13 Yale University (USA)

14 University of Chicago (USA)

15 INSEAD (France)

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