Becoming a volunteer

We are always on the lookout for new and fresh volunteers and perspectives to bring to the team! This page answers the most commonly asked questions. If yours isn’t answered, we are happy to discuss further questions on a call.


We’re looking for volunteers in various aspects, primarily in the following roles:

  • Organizing/leading webinars/events
  • Moderating/Hosting webinars/events
  • Promote marketing and communication across various channels

While item 3 is very ad hoc, and has no specific commitments, if you were to try out volunteering, we recommend going for Option 1 – organizing a webinar, to test the waters so to say, especially if you already have a topic or theme you would like to present, lead or share with the rest of the community.

Time commitment

In a nutshell, organizing a typical event (e.g. webinar) takes around 4 calendar weeks of lead time and around 4-5 personal man hours (primarily project management – coordinating, assisting with the concept and storyboard, etc.) during that period of 4 calendar weeks. Of course, this is a volunteering community, and you will always have the support of the entire group too.