Do you want to co-organize a webinar or be a host/speakers at one of the TMT webinars? We love to hear your ideas! Contact us at tmtnetwork AT insead.edu.

Content guidelines

We follow these guidelines regarding company involvement in webinars:

  • We love having speakers & hosts with first hand experience and who can bring in the best people in an industry!
  • We’re happy to create space – esp. for INSEAD founded companies – to share how they shape the world. Yet, the focus must be on delivering value to the alumni listening in by providing great education and novel insights (i.e. insights one can’t read every day in the FT).
  • Alumni want to learn about industry trends – less about concrete products/companies. The best way to promote a company is to demonstrate thought leadership by providing relevant industry-level content to alumni (for which your company could be the ideal solution). In other words: Think content marketing – not product marketing.
  • Promoting specific companies will backfire: alumni simply won’t join these webinars and/or will be disappointed later on, reflecting negatively on the companies and on the TMT Network.

Examples of webinars with companies:


  • Webinars are typically 60 min long.
  • Webinar format is either monologue (presentation by the speaker) OR an interview/panel moderated by an interviewer. In case of a panel, given time constraints, we suggest limiting the number of panelists to 3. Having said that, we feel that an interview format of webinar is usually more engaging, and hence, this has been more successful in the past.
  • We try and bring a motley mix of contributors to the panel/Q&A, e.g. startup/disruptor and industry leader, Asia vs Europe and/or Americas, academia vs organizational management, industry 1 vs industry 2 vs industry 3.
  • In case we do pick a global theme, we go with a very generic and high-level first session, followed by deep-dives into specific sub-verticals or horizontal functions in subsequent events. Again, it all depends on what kind of information or content alumni would like to know more about (all based on crowdsourcing and post-event feedback)
  • We organize webinars on Zoom, the platform that has now been adopted by all Global Clubs (GCs) as well as INSEAD Lifelong Learning initiative (LLL)


It typically takes 4-5 calendar weeks to organize a Zoom webinar with an actual effort of 8-10 hours, primarily in administrative work like creating the teaser, crowdsourcing questions from alumni, creating the storyboard, and coordinating with the school for marketing/communication and follow-up feedback.

Typical sequence for organizing a virtual event:

    • Week 1 – Finalize the topic outline, speaker and moderator. The key to a successful event/webinar is always the quality of content, which, in turn, depends on the quality of the speaker(s). If we are able to get an experienced speaker to present or discuss on a well-known and interesting topic/theme, 90% of our job is done.
    • Weeks 2-3 – Send out the brief/emailer to alumni asking them to register for the event, and in the process, ask for the one question they would like to ask the speaker during the event.
    • Week 4 (first half) – Curate the storyboard based on questions sent in by alumni, and in collaboration with the speaker/panelist
    • Week 4 (second half) – do at least 1 dry run involving the moderator and speaker

Example of event documents: