Every day we hear about buzzwords like Big Data, Industry 4.0, Blockchain, IoT, Buy-to-Subscribe, etc. But what does Digital Transformation mean on a practical level? How can your company respond to the threats and capitalise on the opportunities? To answer these questions, we’re organising a series of online events where leaders share practical insights from their Digital Transformation journey.

The first buzzword we hope to demystify is “Buy-to-Subscribe”. We’ll kick off with Zuora’s Founder/CEO, Tien Tzou, and add different perspectives over the next months, speaking with functional leaders who’re undergoing a “buy-to-subscribe” transformation.

  • Date: 6th April at 1730 CET (European Summer Time).
  • REGISTER HERE for this webinar: https://goo.gl/7Z8eXB (Event number: 848 822 751)
  • NOTE: please register with your pre-approved insead.edu e-mail address.
  • To download the REPORT (Subscription Economy Index – SEI), please click on the “view info” button under “Event Material”

Hosts: Vikas Pandurkar & Prof. Theodoros Evgeniou

How clients interact, engage & consume your product or service has changed. As clients subscribe rather than buy, what does that mean for companies large & small? Why and how is that changing? How will companies bill & collect money for the products and services they make? The implications for your company as a leader in your market or a startup are vastly different

Zuora coined the term ‘Subscription Economy’ and helped companies like Dell, Schneider Electric, and Pfizer to change & extend their business models. Zuora’s Co-Founder and CEO will speak with us about what the SEI data continues to reveal as the trend from buying to subscribing takes hold.

We’re crowdsourcing the questions from you, so, as you register, please send us the 1 question you want to ask Tien.

If you want to participate / contribute in any way, feel free to reach out to [email protected]