Following the earlier Insurtech event that set the Insurtech trends stage, we invited invited a thought leader to share how he’s guided his company through turbulence to opportunity.

Welcome to an inspiring talk with Yashish Dahiya, founder & CEO of PolicyBazaar, a 10 year old Indian insurance aggregator. Yashish is an Insead alumni, a triathlon participant and in case you missed it, guided his company to score $238 million in funding from Softbank in 2018.

What to expect?

We requested Minh Tran, also an Insead alumni & Insurtech veteran to host Yashish. In this 30 minute talk, Yashish talks about what inspires him, the genesis of PolicyBazaar, how he started it & got it funded to where they are now. He shares his views on Insurance trends, how technology the space & talks about why Insurance in India

Yes, the talk leaves many questions unanswered & that’s by design. We’re testing for interactivity & diverging from the past event format where you have submitted a question for the speaker.

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This webinar is part of the series on Digital Transformation / Subscription Economy. If you didn’t attend the first event live, you can watch an edited version here:

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