Throughout our volunteering journey, we have been fortunate to come across many amazing people – some alumni, some faculty, and some non-INSEAD, all of whom help us understand how the world is changing, provoke introspection & inspire many of us in the process.

Over the years, we have also kept in touch with many of them. So today, we’re pleased to announce that one of them has agreed to lead a group within TMT.

Shayak Mazumdar is a thought leader who led an event in the past on the growing evolution and impact of technology on the global supply chain of e-Commerce. As of today, he’ll lead the Omnichannel Retail sub-group as VP.

Over the last few weeks, Shayak has been working closely with us to build a slew of events for this year wherein we shall bring together experts in the retail and supply chain domain to speak on a wide range of topics like the recent trends and growth in e-commerce, the omnichannel supply chain and the growth of distributed logistics, impact of AI on retail, use cases for finance in omnichannel commerce, and so on. More information on these events would be published on our TMT LinkedIn portal and our myINSEAD calendar, so please do watch out this space for more.

Shayak is also speaking with alumni across the globe to grow this team across geographies. So if you know of any motivated alumni who want to contribute and be part of some very interesting conversations, please request them to reach out to Shayak or send us an email to [email protected].

Shayak, a warm welcome to the team, and we look forward to working closely together. Omnichannel Retail is a very rapidly-changing industry, and we look forward to you bringing us all up to speed with many more inspiring discussions on this topic.