The global INSEAD TechAlumni mission is to “Bring together Alumni and members of the INSEAD community that are interested in how convergence in technology is changing the way we think, learn, work, live, and play”.

The objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate global networking, cross-pollination and new opportunities for alumni
  2. Collaborate with NAAs to create traction for local events, network, share ideas, etc.
  3. Promote the exchange of knowledge and spread ideas across the INSEAD community
  4. Provide a global “sharing platform” with the participation of alumni, faculty and students

For more information: join the global group on LinkedIn!

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Local country activities and how you can help

Our top priority is creating the local network and getting engagement with the local INSEAD TechAlumni communities and like-minded people through quality events, word-of-mouth and collaborative communication, and professional networking.

Want to help out? Let us know if you want to contribute as part of the global core team or drive the local country TechAlumni Network.

Some of the ways you could help us locally in the countries are the following:

  • Help setting up the local network by supporting the organization of events, leveraging your network for locations, speakers, etc.
  • Share and promote interesting articles, key events, trivia, job postings, et al, on our global LinkedIn platform

Do contact us directly on [email protected]