From oil pipelines to meat processors, hospitals to retail, a look at the rapid evolution of the cyber attack surface

About this event

Speaker: Amir Ofek, CEO of AxoniusX, MBA’06J

Moderator: Vikas Pandurkar, Insead TMT Network, AMP‘12


We are barely halfway through 2021, but every day, a new massive data breach, ransomware attack or supply chain attack makes international headlines. And while calls for increased spending on cybersecurity are aspirationally noble, organizations cannot just press a button and magically secure 100% of their data. There is more nuance than that.

In this presentation, Amir Ofek, CEO of AxoniusX, will take us back in time to show how trends like increased device diversity, a move to the cloud, shift to work from home, and IoT have changed the attack surface.

We will then look at the tools and techniques cybersecurity teams use to stay ahead of evolving risk.

Amir Ofek , CEO of AxoniusX, INSEAD MBA’06J

  • Amir is CEO of AxoniusX, an innovation business unit of Axonius, which provides comprehensive asset inventory to discover security gaps, automatically validating and enforcing security policies.
  • Amir serves today as a Board Advisor member for a few startups including Build Security and ZecOps
  • Amir was the CEO of Alcide, Cloud/DevOps cybersecurity company providing end-to-end Kubernetes security platform, and grew it over 300% in ARR, establishing new GTM, S&M and product offering (the company was acquired by Rapid7)
  • Before Alcide, Amir was CEO of CyberInt, a cybersecurity company providing managed detection and response, where Amir was able to achieve 3 years on consecutive 100% growth, expanding the team from 20 to over 100 people globally
  • Amir also held various roles as VP at Amdocs, where he has established Amdocs strategic relationship with the SingTel Group and established the SingTel-Amdocs Innovation and Development center in Israel
  • Amir was also a Board member of Gilat Satellite Networks
  • He received his MBA from INSEAD (J06), and has BSc in Industrial Engineer and Management from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (2003)
  • Amir served as a Captain in the famed Intelligence Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Forces