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Name: Thomas Piemontese
Email: [email protected]
Department: Communications
Budget: 00000001 – Ref is Comms
Emails on CC:

Project Title:

Updating a design request form

Target Audience:

All, Other/Comments

Anybody with access

Project Description:

Doing some tweaks to the form and adding deliverables accordion with content.

Expected Deadline:

April 15, 2022


Zoom background + Other digital graphics

I also need a digital stamp

Poster + Flyer + Other Printed Collateral or Merchandise

I also need a printed stamp

Table tent + Large Banner (Reception, Camembert) + Other Display Collateral

I also need a large stamp on a banner

Drinkware + Other Merchandise

I also need a stamp on a mug


The stamp has salamander on it and is green, please add “Salamander Stamp” Below it.

Do you need to add content or comments? Feel free to use the comment section below to centralize it here. For a more human touch, please contact [email protected]


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