Your Design Brief


Name: Thomas Piemontese
Email: [email protected]
Department: Branding in Communications
Budget: I have infinite budget
Emails on CC: [email protected]

Project Title:

To test if the form works with [email protected]

Project Description:

Hi I’m trying to see if the Design Request form works with DLs, please don’t mind this message! Thanks 🙂

Target Audience:

Staff, Other/Comments [+]

The Branding Team

Expected Deadline:

April 17, 2022


Website banner(s) or image(s) + Social media post + Other Digital Collateral, see below:

Event Banner

Printed Brochure + Other Print Collateral, see below:

Event Printed Banner

Roll-up, Standing Banner + Other Display Collateral, see below:

Event Display

Tote bags + Other Merchandise, see below:

Event Luggage Tag


The content is just the regular email that DL_branding will receive when a request is done.

Do you need to add content or comments? Feel free to use the comment section below to centralize it here. For a more human touch, please contact [email protected]


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