INSEAD Design Request Form

The purpose of this brief is to supply initial information for design requests to the INSEAD Branding and Communications team. Please complete this brief with as much relevant information as possible, as it will help our team understand your needs and provide support in an efficient and timely manner.

1. Why   2. How   3. What   4. Who


1. Define Scope

Give the project a concise and clear title.
Please give us a quick description or context for this project, this will help us steer toward a direction. (e.g "this is a webinar accessible externally").
You can share content and screenshots in the next section.
Specify who is the main target for this communication.
Give us details about the audience.
Branding team will review deadline feasibility.

1. Deliverables

How will you communicate? Expand, explore and select assets from the catalog below.

Digital Assets

Print Collaterals

Display Collaterals

Merchandise Design

3. Share Content

Use this space to share the basic necessary content (e.g Title, Blurb, Date, Links, etc.).
Share a Word or PowerPoint document with more content. This is a good place to share screenshots as well.
Maximum upload size: 52.43MB
Please note: Do not send photos or logos other than with a link to an online folder (examples: Google Drive, One Drive, WeTransfer, etc.). This will ensure we receive the originals in high resolution, and not compressed or altered files.
Copy and paste the url to your online folder here:

4. Requester

Is there budget available for this project?
This is for information only. Your budget number will not be used without supplier quotations and your approval.
We will add these addresses on CC when we reply back to you. Separate emails with a comma.

You will be able to review your inputs after you click "Next".

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