Ákos Forczek (MBA 97J) Founder and Chairman, Top Selection

I am an INSEAD MBA 97J alum, the only ex-INSEAD who has a wine merchant business in the UK. I started Top Selection in 2000 and have grown it ever-since.

In 2018 and 2019 the UK sommeliers gave Top Selection UK Fine Wine Merchant of the Year award, in recognition of the highest concentration of quality wines they have ever seen in any wine Portfolio in the UK. I won’t hide it, that this makes us immensely proud, not to mention that no other company has ever received this award two years in a row.

As you probably guessed from my name, and you can also look it up on the INSEAD website, I am Hungarian. Prior INSEAD I worked for LVHM at Hennessy Cognac and Moet & Chandon Champagne, developing their Eastern European distribution after the fall of the Soviet Union. I was one of the very rare students who didn’t come from banking or consulting when I started INSEAD in 1996.

I have never reached out to the INSEAD community, but one person from the community, bought wine from me and suggested that I write to you. He thought that maybe the INSEAD UK community would like to benefit from the offer he took advantage of as most people are locked in their home but like to drink good wine?

Top Selection mainly supplies the top restaurants, retailers and corporates in the UK, but I am happy to extend our wines to the INSEAD community in these difficult times.

I attach a Lock down Case offer and our full Portfolio. I am happy to extend a 10% off the portfolio prices to fellow Alumni. The only thing is that the wines in the Portfolio are sold by the case (mostly 6btls cases).

We have now launched a website where people can buy by the bottle in response to the crisis. You can build your own mixed cases. It is called www.9elmswines.co.uk We only have about 20% of our Portfolio on the website. We have all the mixed cases offers on the website, so you can find them there as well.

I am happy to extend the 10% off on the website as well for INSEAD Alumni, they just need to type in the code 9elms10 at the checkout www.topselection.co.uk

We deliver anywhere in the UK. We just delivered wine to the parents of a friend from my promotion who live in the North of England.

Should you wish to have help in making your selection, please do contact me directly on the details below.

We are open for business!
I wish you the very best and stay safe in these troubled times.

Ákos Forczek
Mobile: +44 781 842 6193
email: [email protected]