Hydrogen is the lightest, simplest and most abundant chemical element in the universe. It could provide a clean source of fuel and heat for our homes, transport and industry. When Boris Johnson announced his 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution in 2020, the growth of a low carbon hydrogen economy was second only to the growth of offshore wind in importance. Join us for a special panel discussion on the role that low carbon hydrogen could play in our energy sector as we aim for net zero by 2050 and the implications this has on all parts of the economy – investors, energy majors, renewable energy companies and the supply chain.

Join us for the second event in the three part series. In this session, we will continue to explore why Balance in Business matters, how to implement it and recognise the value it creates for the organisation. Join our expert panel, learn from their experiences, and continue the discussion on how boards can ensure that balance in business is at the heart of a company’s strategy.