The second of our informal discussions will focus on private credit. Our themes will include:

In light of changing capital requirements and impending economic crisis, financial institutions across the globe are offloading non-performing (and sometimes even performing) loans. The NPL market is sure to expand as seen in all the recent financial crises.

If you’ve been putting off focusing on your brand – personal or professional, you simply cannot any longer. We are in a new era of business which is transforming the way we live, interact and do business. In our ever-shifting reality, we all will need to use our online presence and digital tools to lead people, create content, sell, develop our careers and provide our value virtually. Developing a personal, human brand is indispensable to make the impact we want.

In this interactive event, transformational and branding specialist Kelly Millar demystifies personal branding

The retail sector was going through seismic change even before the pandemic hit. Now, as the sector emerges from the all-important seasonal year end, in a continued battle with Covid-19, the new year continues to reveal the winners and losers, highlighting those who have been able to accelerate their shift to a new era versus those who have been less able to adapt.

2020 has had many of us question where we want to spend our time and energy, not only personally, but especially professionally. There is a stronger desire to have careers with meaning and impact. Sustainability and climate change are areas of incredible relevance and impact everywhere. These are hot topics right now, and rightly so! Hear first hand where the sector is headed, what skills are required, and how YOU can get involved.

The word Equity rolls easily off the tongue as we discuss different aspects of justice. Yet only a year ago this was not the case. One of the trending topics is vaccine equity – what equity of access is there between the haves and have nots, the rich and poor nations? The only way to succeed against this pandemic is for all countries to think more equitably and to act together.

Join us for a virtual wine tasting. In the true spirit of INSEAD, this wine tasting will challenge you, while still keeping you close to your comfort zone, but above all it is aimed to delight you. These wines represent what INSEAD stands for: multiculturalism.

You will receive a case of seven 10cl bottles, comprising of three white, three red and one sweet wine. Tickets include online tasting, wines, VAT and delivery to your home address. (UK shipping only).