**BOOKINGS CLOSE 7 JUNE** Join us in this unique historic setting to meet up with friends and raise a glass to our school. We are honoured to welcome INSEADer, solicitor and sparkling speaker Paul Lomas to give us a brief address on ‘How to share, manage and control power: a conversation on governance challenges in 2022’, as part of the evening.

Covent Garden is full of character, centred on its grand piazza, nestling amongst theatres, the opera, museums, luxury shopping, award-winning bars and restaurants, and live entertainment. It’s a luxurious area to splash out on a bit of retail therapy and relax on a balmy summer’s evening. But it wasn’t always so…

In mid-September, INSEAD alumni around the world will come together for a day of celebration of our community, our values and to show off the INSEAD spirit. No other school can replicate INSEAD’s global community with three campuses drawing talent from 180 countries.

For the 10th Global INSEAD Day, the UK Association will be celebrating with a champagne reception and black-tie dinner at the Orangery, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew……visit MyINSEAD to book

The term Web3.0 was coined in 2006, linked with a vision of a new version of the World Wide Web. Web3.0 incorporates concepts including decentralisation, blockchain, token-based economics and metaverse commerce. Hailed by some as the game changer for being online, similar to the dramatic changes brought about by the launch of PCs and smartphones but seen by others as a potential environmental disaster in the making, is Web3.0 the future of the internet?…..visit MyINSEAD to book

June this year saw the beginning of a global trial of a 4-day work week, which will be monitored by academics from Oxford and Cambridge. In the UK alone over 70 companies are offering a 4-day week to 3,300 employees. Atom Bank has made a feature of offering a 4-day week. It sounds appealing but can it work? In China successful Alibaba entrepreneur Jack Ma has praised the (officially illegal and much criticised) ‘996’ working culture – from 9 am to 9 pm 6 days a week. How can western economies compete on a 4-day week?…..visit MyINSEAD to book

PE and VC Group: Private Markets Overview

September 29, 2022
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Keep Calm and Carry On, or Panic and Hold On?
Post Covid there is global inflation, energy prices are rocketing, there is a war in Ukraine, interest rates are rising sharply, there are technical recessions, climate change imperatives, equities corrections and so much more. Yet, we are only eight months into 2022……visit MyINSEAD to book

Entrepreneurs’ Dinner

October 4, 2022
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Join us to hear from Michael Kent and Ricky Knox, Co-founders of Azimo following their recent multi-million dollar exit from the fintech money transfer company. Acquired by Papaya earlier this year, Azimo has regulatory approval to operate in more than 160 countries and includes instant payroll payment and other remittance services……visit MyINSEAD to book