Events / Add new skills and Enrich! yourself through lockdown

Add new skills and Enrich! yourself through lockdown

May 20, 2020
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Add new skills and Enrich! yourself to stay positive

How to turn the lockdown into an opportunity

Wednesday 20 May 17:30 – 18:15


Denise D’Elia author of Breath to Blossom, a family dairy during the pandemic


Denise will share how her international experience has helped to shape what she calls the Enrich! Phase. We all go through changes in our lives and most of the time we find ourselves unprepared to face them for the better.


Denise will share the Enrich! Proposition and how the 4 step FLIP process has helped her several times to adjust to new environments. Further to this, she will give a real example of how she applied the FLIP process during these times of lockdown and followed by the decision to publish the diary on and this decision has helped her tremendously to stay positive in these challenging times.


Denise D’Elia (IDP-C18) and INSEAD NAA Italy board member, first published her family journal Breath to Blossom on in April 2020. It all started by wanting to remember the pandemic experiences for future family memories. She has now written more than 30 articles on their daily lockdown days or six weeks of storytelling about their family and friends experience.


Denise is a telco executive, a company director, a tech start-up advisor, an INSEAD mentor, a woman in love with technologies, and now, an author.



Open to INSEAD Alumni and their guests only