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AI and the Workplace of the Future

November 14, 2023
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Careers Group
AI and the Workplace of the Future
Tuesday 14 November, 18:30 for 19:00 – 21:30


Managing AI in the Future Workplace – where is AI most useful in work applications, who will be responsible for managing it, and how will AI transform executive careers? Chat GPT has only been available for a few months yet it has grown like no previous app, amidst rumours that AI could replace swathes of jobs, especially higher level technology, creative and professional roles that seemed safe from automation. How can we work with AI, in which areas is it most useful, and what effect will it have on our careers in the future?


The panel of experts to discuss how they already manage AI in their workplace are:


Angela Aristidou, is Assistant Professor at UCL, with a current research award from Stanford University. She is an expert in how private tech companies, governments and public sector organisations collaborate to innovate in healthcare by implementing Artificial Intelligence tools in the real world.


Johannes Castner, Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences at the Behavioural Research Analytics In Neurotechnological Systems (BRAINS) Lab, Kingston University. He is also a podcast host and TEDx speaker. He was a founder at CollectiWise and previously worked as computational social scientist at eBay and the Federal-Reserve.


Myrna Macgregor, Principal Data Strategist and Lead for Responsible AI & Robotics at Ocado Technology. Myrna is responsible for identifying how to use data and AI to keep Ocado at the cutting edge of eCommerce, supply chain, logistics and robotics. As lead for responsible AI and Robotics, she also ensures that Ocado develops these technologies in a fair, transparent and trustworthy way.


Previously Myrna led responsible ML at the BBC, where she designed the first comprehensive standard for responsible ML in media, the BBC’s Machine Learning Engine Principles. Myrna is a former British diplomat. She has worked on international economic and climate negotiations and served in Belgium, Kosovo, Germany and Israel.


She is currently an Expert Advisor to the Responsible AI Institute and a Ethical AI mentor with All Tech is Human.


Saurabh Saxena, Head, Investments & Acquisitions, AVIV Group, the Digital Real Estate arm of Axel Springer (backed by KKR, CPP Investments | Investissements RPC). Saurabh leads M&A and Investments for the Digital Real Estate arm of Axel Springer. His role is to acquire companies in PropTech, MortgageTech, Rentals, Generative and Conversational AI across Europe.


Niloufar Zarin, has a PhD in imaging science and biomedical engineering she has previously worked for the NHS, after which she became Associate Director of AI at biotech company Healx, and Head of Machine Learning Research at Dyson.


Moderator: Helen Hallpike, PhD (MBA 89D).


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