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An Afternoon of Poetry and Music

March 25, 2023
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

An Afternoon of Poetry and Music
Saturday 25 March, 15:00 – 17:00


A gentle, soulful afternoon of poetry, music, conversation and a little sustenance for the body as well as the soul. The afternoon includes recitals by INSEAD London’s resident alumni poets Timothy Ades (MBA 66) and Rachna Chowla (MBA 09D). You are also very welcome to bring along your favourite poems or stories to share, or even a song or more (it is likely that we will have a piano). We have organised these improvised events before and they were filled with laughter, spontaneity and joy, so please come and be a part of this one too!


Rachna, our organiser, is a doctor by day and a poet by night. She has written two books, with poems touching on the themes of the Beauty, Truth and Love – that Neruda-Rumi-Hafiz-melting-kind-of-love that we are either blessed enough to know, or all long to know…
Timothy works mainly with French, German and Spanish rhymed poems, translating them into English and for fun, he will sometimes write poems with fewer vowels. He has written nine books to date, translating works from Robert Desnos, Victor Hugo, Jean Cassou, Alfonso Reyes, and Alberto Arvelo Torrealba.


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