Events / EdTech in 2022 and beyond: hype or a disruption?

EdTech in 2022 and beyond: hype or a disruption?

March 22, 2022
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

EdTech in 2022 and beyond: hype or a disruption?
Tuesday 22 March, 18:00 – 19:00 GMT


The astronomical growth in creative EdTech during 2021 is likely to remain as one of the most representative case studies whenever the words pandemic and industry disruption are put together in the years to come. The $21bn raised in 2021 just by European EdTechs (40 times higher than a decade ago), the 17 new-born unicorns or the six IPOs are all in the headlines giving the industry the awareness it deserves.


Today, some voices suggest that the industry has peaked. Others say the sector is set to plateau. We wonder if there is still room for further growth, and if so, which direction the growth will be taking?


Join our panel of investors and EdTechs to unpack the driving forces behind the successful growth of EdTech in 2021 and join the interactive discussion on what is next for the sector.


Boris Piallar is CEO and co-founder of Le Wagon, a global leader in immersive tech education. His first career was in investment banking before learning to code and getting into education. With Le Wagon, Boris has helped more than 14,000 professionals to access new opportunities. Without funding for the first six years, he brought Le Wagon to 40 cities worldwide and made it the most acclaimed tech bootcamp on all student review platforms. In 2020, he raised a $19M series A funding to continue Le Wagon’s expansion and help companies hire and train the best tech talent.


Wolfgang Riess (MBA 18D) started his career in banking and consulting, where he focused largely on clients in the consumer goods industry. At GoStudent, he wears two hats; he co-leads the tutor department, focusing on the strategy, data infrastructure, product and CRM development, expanding the offering through content and training tutors, and he is starting to incubate new learning formats.


Seva Zakharov (MBA 14D) is a principal at Peak State Ventures focusing on the Future of Work. One of Seva’s main investing principles is to give founders as much control over a business as possible since founder driven companies achieve the best possible results. Before Peak State, Seva worked in corporate strategy roles in software and manufacturing sectors and was an equity research analyst at Citigroup. Seva holds a business informatics degree from the Higher School of Economics and MBA from INSEAD.


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