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Elder Care and the Silver Economy

May 28, 2020
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Elder Care and the Silver Economy Personal challenges, commercial opportunities

Thursday 28 May 18:00 – 19:00


The Covid Pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of keeping older people independent and able to carry on living in their own homes whilst helping them stay connected with their families, friends and society. And this isn’t just a social care issue – from a business perspective, a recent EU report stated that the “Silver Economy” opportunity is worth €5.7 trillion to Europe’s economy.


US businesses such as Amazon are actively pursuing the Silver Economy. Amazon’s Babak stated, “We have looked at the older population in the context of health… and we know this group has a lot of issues and unmet needs.” Yet, successful business in the Aging market have been relatively rare – the closest thing to an “AgeTech” unicorn was the sale of Greatcall to Bestbuy in the US. To date, very few European businesses have successfully tapped into this market.


Whether you are looking for ideas to help you, a member of your family or are interested in exploring the commercial potential of the Aging and AgeTech markets, join our speakers to learn more.


Gemma Bloemen (MBA 14J) is the Chief Operating Officer at, the UK’s leading live-in care specialists. At Elder, she leads the Carer Operations department, as well as being responsible for Marketplace balance and Clinical governance. She is part of the leadership team and helped the company raise its latest round of VC funding. Gemma graduated from Yale University after leaving her hometown of Utrecht, Netherlands. Gemma was as a consultant for McKinsey & Company before going to INSEAD. In 2014, she joined Uber where she managed a variety of operational teams as Senior Operations Manager and co-chaired the Women of Uber resource group before joining Elder in early 2018.


Eric Kihlstrom is Chairman of Older, a specialised marketing firm focused on helping brands to realise the opportunity of our ageing population. He is also part-time Head of Industry Collaboration at Longevity International the Secretariat for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Longevity and Aging2.0 UK Ambassador (a volunteer role). Previously, Eric helped to launch the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Healthy Ageing as the Interim Director. The Healthy Ageing Challenge Fund is a £98 million fund to invest in innovations enabling people to live better for longer.


Moderator: Julia Levy (MBA 94J) has been working in the ageing space for 20 years having launched an online support for ageing, illness, bereavement and death during the dotcom boom and also having run the Alliance for Health and the Future, a think tank promoting healthy and active ageing. She has significant experience in leadership roles in healthcare strategy, sales and marketing for GSK, GE Healthcare and Human Data Sciences Company IQVIA as well as running Medical Futures, a competition and platform to showcase and accelerate innovation by medical health professionals. Julia has a degree in Biochemistry from Bristol University and an INSEAD MBA.



Open to INSEAD Alumni and their guests only