Events / Financial Services Group: Developments and Initiatives in Credit

Financial Services Group: Developments and Initiatives in Credit

May 13, 2022
8:15 am - 9:45 am

This event is sponsored by ING


After a two-year break, the Financial Services Group is delighted to welcome alumni to attend an in-person breakfast that aims to plant the seeds of the Credit Club within the Financial Services Group.


Credit, capital and risk have intertwined in complex ways during the recent cycle and the coming period will be fascinating as the baton passes between government, banks and different private sector players. This response to the pandemic has generated an upsurge in innovation which reflects the ongoing regulatory changes being applied to traditional credit providers. In this maelstrom of change, how do we expect the sector to pan out and what will be the key trends?


To respond to these questions, discuss some of the key innovations and highlight trends we are fortunate to welcome a panel of credit experts:


Rafael Gonzalo (MBA 93D), is MD at LCM Partners, a Credit Opportunities Fund, founded in 1998 and supported by Brookfield Asset Management, with NPL, performing and direct lending strategies with more than €50bn of AUM.


James Parsons, is a Partner at PAG, one of Asia’s largest alternative fund managers. James runs PAG’s regulatory capital strategies. His funds provide credit and capital solutions for banks balance sheet as they deal with the strains of new regulations such as Basel 4.


Cyrille Salle de Chou (MBA 93D), is the Chief Risk Officer for HSBC Retail Bank and Wealth in Europe. His vantage point will provide an insightful view of the consumer market from one of the giants in the space.


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