Events / Lunchtime Sessions: Black Eyes from Gigging

Lunchtime Sessions: Black Eyes from Gigging

August 3, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Lunchtime Sessions: Black Eyes from Gigging

Monday 3 August 12:30 – 13:45


Join fellow INSEAD alumni to share ideas, tactics and strategies on how to enjoy the benefits of our gig economy. Riding out the highs and the lows of the gig economy are key to coping, surviving and thriving. The lively discussion should be valuable to alumni seeking to build a work portfolio of consulting gigs, freelancing, interim management and volunteering.


What happens when it all goes wrong for the individual in the gig economy?


How can you make yourself resilient when you are taking blow after blow and your network/family are not much help?

The corollary to things going wrong is inevitable and there may be reputational issues which need to be managed as well.


Through a few anecdotes, Philip Lingard (MBA 86J) will draw on the lessons he has learned and share suggestions on how to cope, survive and thrive.


Moderator: John Fernando (MBA 13D)


About Lunchtime Sessions:

Launched in June 2020, the lunchtime sessions are a bimonthly forum for freelancers, independent consultants and job seekers to connect, exchange ideas, and support one another. What better sounding board than a fellow INSEAD alum? Sessions will generally have a speaker, followed by ample time for cross-promotion networking in small breakout groups to facilitate connection and conversation. Join us as a participant, speaker or moderator!

This is the last session before a short summer break and we’ll return in September.