Events / Retail & Consumer Group: Surviving the Retail Maelstrom

Retail & Consumer Group: Surviving the Retail Maelstrom

April 22, 2021
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Retail & Consumer Group: Surviving the Retail Maelstrom
Thursday 22 April, 18:00 – 19:00


Whether retailers are thriving or just surviving there is no doubt that navigating the ongoing retail storm is demanding. The battering received from changing consumer behaviour and economic headwinds has seen many retailers, large and small, fall by the wayside. Strangely enough, working out a strategy to reinvent your business in such conditions is arguably the easiest part – actually getting it to happen in the real world is a challenge that is testing the best leaders and the most competent teams to the limit.


Join us to hear about the behind-the-scenes challenges and pitfalls of leading retail through such seismic change. Why are some retailers finding it so difficult whilst others seemingly manage to sail through with relative ease?


We are joined by Ian Shepherd – NED, advisor to retail boards, investors and entrepreneurs, and retail commentator. Ian will draw on his experiences with retail CEOs, PE investors and tech companies as well as referencing his own time as COO of Odeon Cinemas, CEO of Game Group and from his senior leadership roles with Vodafone and Sky TV. Ian has seen and learnt what makes businesses grow and succeed. He’s also seen the other end of the spectrum where retailers have been challenged and failed.

Ian is also the author of two books; Reinventing Retail (2019) and The Average Is Always Wrong (2020) and a regular contributor to Retail Week.

Ian will be in conversation with Teresa White (MBA 88J) Chair of the Retail & Consumer Group and Co-founder of Partners in Retail.