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Stakeholder Capitalism – Reimagining our global economy

April 19, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Lunchtime Sessions:
Stakeholder Capitalism – Reimagining our global economy
Monday 19 April, 13:00 – 14:15


Our global economic system is broken. In the new book, Stakeholder Capitalism: Making the case for a global economy that works for Progress, People, and Planet, Prof Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum) and Peter Vanham (Head of Communications for Chairman Schwab at WEF), argue convincingly that if we don’t start with recognising the true shape of our problems, our current system will continue to fail us. Schwab and Vanham look for what they consider to be the real causes of our systems’ shortcomings, and offer solutions based on best practices from around the world.


Join Rahima Valji (MBA 03D), in a conversation and debate with co-author, Peter Vanham. The session will be interactive, and there will also be time for networking and connection amongst your fellow alumni. We now have alumni from 20 countries attending this forum on a regular basis. Join the debate! (and the fun).


Author Peter Vanham (Leuven, Belgium) is the Head of Chairman’s Communications and the International Media Council at the World Economic Forum, and the co-author of Stakeholder Capitalism. Before joining the World Economic Forum, Vanham worked as a journalist in Philadelphia, London, Zurich, and Berlin. He previously published Before I Was CEO (2016), recounting the life and career lessons from CEOs before they made it to the top, Een kleine geschiedenis van grote durvers (Lannoo, 2020), about the entrepreneurial history of Belgium, and contributed stories on emerging markets and business leadership to The Financial Times, Business Insider, Harvard Business Review, and others. He holds master’s degrees in Business and Economics Journalism (Columbia University) and Commercial Engineering (KU Leuven). He lives in Geneva.


Your host, Rahima Valji (MBA 03D), is a strategic growth and innovation advisor to CEOs and leadership teams, with more than 20 years’ experience on three continents. She focuses on helping corporates, scaleups and the public sector grow through corporate innovation, new product launches, digital transformation, scaling and international expansion and by building strategic partnerships and relationships.


Rahima speaks English, Italian, French, Spanish, Gujerati, Kaatchi and some basic Hindi. She spent a recent gap year eating and cooking her way around the world, ending up as a guest chef in an Italian restaurant in Mozambique cooking for CEOs, ambassadors and real Italians! All of them are still alive.