Events / Tech, Internet and Tele Group: Web3.0 the new age of the internet

Tech, Internet and Tele Group: Web3.0 the new age of the internet

September 22, 2022
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Tech, Internet & Telecoms Group
Web3.0 & the new age of the internet
Thursday 22 September, 18:30 for 19:00 – 21:30


The term Web3.0 was coined in 2006, linked with a vision of a new version of the World Wide Web. Web3.0 incorporates concepts including decentralisation, blockchain, token-based economics and metaverse commerce. Hailed by some as the game changer for being online, similar to the dramatic changes brought about by the launch of PCs and smartphones but seen by others as a potential environmental disaster in the making, is Web3.0 the future of the internet?


Our expert panel will discuss these questions amongst others:

What is the potential for Web3.0?

How is Web3.0 evolving and at what pace?

Which projects have seen large investments from the $8bn raised so far?

What are the environmental concerns?

Which internet issues does Web3.0 solve?

And which might it duplicate, albeit in a different form?


Nicole Adarme (MBA 17D), Head of Institutional Marketing at ConsenSys


Alison Alexander, Co-founder of Metacampus


James Wicker (MBA 17D), NFT Product Marketing at ConsenSys


Joseph Lassen (MBA 20J), Crypto Investor at CMT digital


Moderator: Pietro Strada (MBA 97J), Managing Partner at Silverpeak technology investments


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