Silver Linings – Helping Each Other Through Lockdown

It’s human nature to resist change, to miss the old status quo and to feel uncomfortable in new settings. Covid-19 hasn’t been different: from closing down schools and workplaces, limiting face-to-face social interactions and introducing stricter guidelines, our lives have changed rapidly.  Resilience is key and we are delighted to hear how alumni in the UK are adapting and continue to innovate to deepen the sense of community for and with fellow alumni and more broadly.

Here are some of the offers available from alumni for their peers and ways to support the wider community during lockdown:

  • Akos Forczek (MBA 97J), Top Selection Ltd:  Akos is offering INSEAD Alumni 10% off a large selection of wines (sold by the case) via his new website: Enter promotional code 9elms10 at the checkout. You can connect with Akos directly if you need advice on selecting your wines….click here for full details
  • Francesca Colantuoni (MBA 19D), UK NAA Committee Member, was inspired by an email received from one of our members who is dealing with lockdown alone. Francesca has organised Zoom chat for alumni living alone and looking to make alumni connections…click here for full details
  • Nicolas Hanson (MBA 99J), La Tua Pasta: Nicolas is offering INSEAD Alumni 20% off meals ordered via his new website: Enter the promotional code INSEAD20 at the checkout. Not only this, but for every meal ordered, La Tua Pasta will provide an NHS worker with a meal too!click here for full details
  • Charlotte Mason (EMBA 07D) has teamed up with alumni including Diana Jarrett (MBA 03J),  Dr Rachna Chowla (MBA 09D) and Francois Aguerre (MBA 05D) to raise funds for PPE for the NHS. They have delivered PPE, supported business and championed the environment. Help them reach their target by finding out more and donating here

If you have an offer to share with your fellow alumni or even a great story about how you are adapting in this time of change, then please get in touch. Help connect our alumni community, support business and be a force for good!