Register for the INSEAD Alumni Forum Americas 2022

Let’s celebrate together at the INSEAD Alumni Forum Americas 2022!

From March 31st to April 2nd, join fellow alumni, students and faculty in New York to celebrate the power and resilience of the INSEAD community.

This year’s theme is Leading with Purpose in our Disrupted Times. Join us for a 3-day marathon of conferences, talks and social activities in New York, the business capital and cultural melting pot of America!

Registration is open and all alumni around the world are invited to join!

Members of an INSEAD Alumni Association enjoy a substantial DISCOUNT! Click here* to become a member!!

* Login with your school SSO which is [email protected]. Click here to reset or change your password. Or reach out to INSEAD’s 24/7 service desk (include screenshot of IT issue faced) for technical support.