INSEAD Alumni Gender Diversity Charter

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INSEAD Women in Business Alumni Global Club mission:

The purpose of the INSEAD Women in Business Alumni Global Club (IWiB) is to promote gender equality and support it through education, networking, sharing and best practices, as well as to provide support and create awareness and solutions to the issues of gender equality.

The IWiB does so by joining forces with like-minded men as the IWiB believes that by leading together, we will achieve the full potential of women in business and society.

The IWiB GC has been actively engaged since its inception as Global Club in 2016 in promoting better representation of alumnae in the professional sphere, as well as ensuring the active engagement and support of men. We bring together INSEAD national WiB clubs and representatives of all our 60,000 + alumni and students.

Why does it matter:

The last two and a half years have left indelible traces and have led to a decline in the visibility of women in public life.

As an example, in 2020, the share of women surveyed in the media fell from 38% to 20%[1].

The general asymmetry of public speaking has serious repercussions on the place of women in the economy, society and also in the private sphere. It is therefore critical to restore the visibility of women in the public space, and to give more credibility of women’s speech, and for this, we need the involvement and action from men.

What can we do:

The INSEAD alumni play a key role and shape the business and society of today and tomorrow. We, as alumni, have the means and the opportunity to set the example for greater gender diversity and to improve the representation of women in the professional sphere – from the leadership and governance of companies to public speaking. The NAAs and the Global Clubs, through their reach to that alumni population, are able to convey fundamental messages and provide the necessary tools to support this shift in consciousness. To that end, the INSEAD Women in Business Club launched the initiative of having a gender diversity charter, in order to not only encourage, but gather clear commitment from the INSEAD alumni network on supporting and implementing gender diversity.

This gender diversity charter builds on existing successful initiatives among the INSEAD alumni network, like the successful example of the French NAA, who signed and implemented a diversity charter in 2021. The result of this commitment was a marked increase of the representation of women at the French NAA ExCo, Board and speakers at events.

The charter represents the commitment of the signatories to implement gender diversity at the various levels of the NAA and GC activities. As a support to the signatories of the charter, the IWIB will provide tools, trainings and support to help implement and live practically the gender diversity. The IWIB will provide also focused training on gender biases, to help the signatories overcome initial hurdles in the implementation.

How will the IWIB support you:

The IWIB can also provide recommendations on how to organize within the NAA or GC to support and promote gender diversity and provide support when the NAA or GC is faced with difficulties in respecting the charter.

In addition, the IWIB will communicate the progress on the gender diversity charter and will provide opportunities to exchange best practices and learn from each other at the regular volunteers’ meetings, the INSEAD and the IWIB communication channels and events.

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We thank you for your support!

                   The IWIB Global Club Executive Committee

Global Club President
Sophie Bertin
ExCo Member
Anne Dumesges
ExCo Member
Dirk Luyten
ExCo Member
Francesca FitzGerald


[1] French data 2020