Events / #Choosetochallenge Campaign & #IWiBchallengesyou2021

#Choosetochallenge Campaign & #IWiBchallengesyou2021

March 8, 2021

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the INSEAD Women in Business Alumni club is encouraging all alumni around the world to show their support for women in the workplace.

How to show your support – go to the website created for this campaign and download the images you need! Then cut and paste the copy and add to your social posts! 

Post this image [to be uploaded by March 7th] on social media with the hashtags #choosetochallenge AND #IWiBchallengesyou2021

  • Update your zoom & LinkedIn background to this image during the month of March
  • Take actions to support women in the workplace in the month of March:
  • Point out gender stereotyping when you see it
  • Encourage women to develop their own leadership styles
  • Publicly recognize women’s work in meetings
  • Mentor a woman to help her get along her career. Informal ‘get to know you’ conversations over coffee or tea are a great way to start. Or join the IWiB Student Mentoring program.
  • Ask women what would make the workplace better for them
  • Offer more flexible work schedules. Women are often the primary caretaker at
    home and find they can be better moms and employees when they have
    schedules that allow them to get work done outside of the traditional 9 to 5